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Unity forum thread 1

Unity forum thread 2

Unity forum thread about SceneView API



FREE for any usage (with a little watermark)


- Editor - Mac and Windows

- Runtime - all Unity supported platforms.

Built-in LOD System

Built-in Fluids (Procedural Water) System

Built-in Backup system

Built-in Data Saving (serialization) system

Built-in Finite State Machine (FSM)

Built-in Messaging System

-Simple and Advanced messages

-Message Manager for Advanced messages

-Messages can be sent from code

-Can be sent from Unity Animation events

Custom SceneView Gizmos and ability to draw any debug informational right together with gizmos

-User Icons

-User text


•Generic Nodes

-Assign type of the node by drag and drop variables to nodes

-Assign type by first assigned shortcut

•Manipulation Nodes for Generic Collections (Lists)

•Arrays and collections processing (iterator nodes)

Advanced Reflection System (Wizards) to access any .Net (Mono) classes

-Create instances

-Call Methods

-Get or Set values for fields and properties

-Call Operators as Methods

•Easy access to third party software via wizards

Easy access to MonoBehaviours variables and methods

•Full support for Unity prefabs

•Full low-level access to UnityEngine

•'UnityEngine' nodes group structure is identical to the original manual which makes it easier either to move to ordinary code writing later (useful experience), or apply the already existing experience in Unity programming

•Math expression calculator :

-One symple node to easy handles most mathematical operators and function.

•Editor abilities:

-Graph Mini Map with runtime indication

-Nodes Search


-Auto Cast

-Drag And Drop of objects in your graph.

-Message Manager

-Visual Debugging

•Visual indication for execution of logic sequences

•Visual indication for blocks with errors

•Visual indication for variables’ state

-Runtime Editing

-Saving From Runtime

-Auto Save

-GUI Editing in Editor Mode (not Play)

-Full graph screenshots

-Graph Preview from assets

-Graph Coping (on a single object or on any quantity of objects in one time) and Instantiating

-Local variables (displayed in a component’s Inspector)

-Notes, Arrows and Stickers for code commenting and organization

•All MonoBehaviour Events are handled by Activators

Delayed links


Can display Objects as wireframe individually

Multi-language API Support For Writing user-created nodes (Logic Blocks) or SceneView Extensions

Easy creating of the user-defined nodes from visual logic chains or from the whole graphs

Flexible Nodes (LogicBlock) creation API by ordinary code

-Can use namespaces

-Can use dll

-Custom Inspectors

-Custom scene Gizmos for selected node

Advances Serialization System

-All .Net base types (byte, int, float, double etc.)

-User types

•classes with default constructors or structs

•serialize readable and writable properties and fields

-Enums of any type (byte, int etc.)

-One-Dimentional Arrays of any supported type

-IList’s (ArrayList, List etc.)

-IDictionary’s (Dictionary, Hashtable etc.)

-objects, derived from UnityEngine.Object

-objects, derived from UnityEngine.Object

QRCode Reading/Generating (as addon)

•Light weight (less than 4mb with Editor part)

•The big and quickly growing base of the user-created blocks (iTween, Unify nodes, Smart Tools)

•Skype support channel